Friday, November 23, 2012

Employment-Based Visa Immigration with no Labor Certification

The other common ways getting a lawful resident status in the U.S. is via employment.  There are several choices in employment-based immigrant visa classification and lots of sub classification contained by those choices. One is eligible by deciding correctly which categories to take to triumphantly transfer to the United States. Fundamentally, this type is called “EB-1”.

The best characteristic of EB-1 visa is that usually the job offer from an employer is not required. This feature is very significant since the optimistic immigrant will not need the support of an employer. Without an employer the aspirant can apply a self-petition with the USCIS also known as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  The hopeful migrant does not need to obtain labor documentation from the United States Department of Labor as a prerequisite to legal permanent residency.

The second most excellent attribute part of EB-1 visa is the scarcity of visa backlogs. This connotes that the immigrant, the unmarried children below 21 years old and the US citizen spouse can depend on to transferring soon to the United States after the acknowledgment of EB-1 petition.

For the non-citizen who has an exceptional skill the first choice is EB-1 visa.
“Remarkable skills” is portrayed as a “stage of expertise indicating that the person is one of those marginal’s who have ascended to summit of the playing field of achievement”.  EB-1 visa aim is to give the most excellent and the smart immigrant with a visa as a superior member of staff whose ability, creativity and skills are useful to the United States of America. An immigrant with an extra-ordinary skill entry in the United States has to “extensively benefit potentially for the United States”.

The hopeful immigrant who has an aspiration to submit an application should meet the criteria as a priority worker, must be an alien with a bizarre skills in the playing fields of arts, of business or athletics (“EB-1A”), sciences, an excellent professor or research (“EB-1B”), education,  a multinational executive or a manager who will be employed in the United States for the same company whom he/she was working with in his/her native land for one out of three years in an administrative competency (“EB-1C”). For qualification the three categories of EB-1 visa priority personnel have distinctive characteristics and conditions.

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