Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Human Rights Violations in US Immigration Reforms Enforcement

Hispanics, immigrants and native Americans are said to face a pattern of human rights violations under United States Immigration policies. The communities living in the border are greatly affected by the immigration control measures which results in human rights violation. The execution of immigration enforcement criterion along the border has created an impact in the rights of Indigenous population as their lands lie on both regions of the US-Mexico border.
Immigration policies has pushed the undocumented immigrants into using dangerous routes through the US desert which results in the death of numerous people. Racial profiling has been increasing due to the improper supervision of the state and local law enforcement. Some Immigrants are denied their basic human rights like the right to education because of the increasing region laws and local policies. Local communities and some minority populace are at a risk of injustice. Some immigrants face a range of obstructions of justice, most especially once they are victims of domestic violence or human trafficking.
A report states that the federal and state laws had failed to respect immigrants' right to life. American citizens of Hispanic descent and Native Americans are subject to prejudiced identification by federal, state and local law enforcement officials. Through that they are being preyed for police stops and investigations. Each citizen and every immigrant has human rights, despite of their lawful resident status. The report from Amnesty International says that US has been failing to ensure the basic human rights under the international law.
Federal and state authorities have controversial ideas about the report's complaints of racial profiling. The officials from the Department of Homeland Security say that the report is based on obsolete information. The statement doesn’t have rational approvals for improvisation. It only suggests the deferral of the nationwide immigration compulsory programs.
Even Texas does not have immigration laws, the DOS officers arrest undocumented immigrants in spite of their nationality. The federal state communities say that they prevent racial profiling by having the fingerprints of all the arrested people and are being checked against FBI criminal records. Customs and Border Protection officials say that is has been working with the tribes to create identification forms. The federal agency has institute a policy which will protect victims of domestic violent behavior both physically and emotionally and to make ensure that the criminals are prosecuted
As per the statement of Amnesty International, most of the victims do not file law enforcer reports because they believe that the police will not lend a hand to them. The human rights group has also commented on the US border policy, for forcing the undocumented immigrants to use dangerous routes to enter the country. Amnesty International says that many have lost their lives along the border and the children are suffering due to the local policies as they face difficulties in accessing their right to education.

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