Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What You Should Know When Renewing A Green Card?

Green Card is an identity document issued by the government of the United States to the permanent residents of the country. Green Card holders can enjoy various rights and they also have few responsibilities. With this Green Card, you can stay anywhere in America, as long as you wish and this permanent resident status will never expire. But this does not apply to Green Cards and the Green Cards will expire and these cards are good only for a decade and the Green Card holders will have to apply for Green Card renewal prior to the expiration of their cards.

Hence, it is mandatory to understand the renewal process. An expired Green Card will create problems and it might also endanger your permanent resident status. You may not be able to accept employment in the country if you do not have a valid document to prove that you are a permanent resident and you may not be able to obtain benefits that are meant for permanent residents. US employers may not hire you, if your permanent resident Card is invalid. To avoid such difficulties, you need to immediately file an application for Green Card renewal, if you find that your Green Card is about to expire or if it has already expired.

The USCIS forms that must be filed to get your Green Card renewed, is Form I-90. All the fields of this form must be completed and the required supporting documents along with the form must be mailed to the right service center. The form filing process may not be difficult as you can file Form I-90 electronically and you can just follow the customized form instructions and complete the form. Moreover, you will immediately receive a confirmation notice after you e-file your Green Card renewal application. Copies of supporting documents such as your driver's license, both the sides of your Green Card, passport and other relevant documents must be mailed to the location specified in the confirmation notice that you receive after filing your petition, online. You may pay the form filing fee through a check or a money order, if you file the paper form and through your debit or credit if you e-file your Green Card renewal application.

Currently, the form filing fee is $450 and this includes the biometrics fee. And remember that you will be sent a biometrics appointment notice after you file your petition and without fail you will have to make it to the location, specified in the appointment notice. USCIS might require applicants who have filed applications for Green Card renewal to appear for in person interviews and this may not be applicable to all the applicants. USCIS will issue a new Green Card that is valid for a ten year period, after conducting background checks or after the interview, if you are still eligible for lawful status in the United States.

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