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Which USCIS forms are eligible for e-filing?

USCIS forms eligible for e-filing are limited to specific forms. E-filing is available only for certain commonly used USCIS forms. Online filing is a simple and user friendly system which allows you to file your application online. All you need to have is a computer and an Internet connection. You can the filing fee online by using your credit card. E-filing allows you to start filling out the application online, save it, and return to it later at your own convenience. Additionally you receive immediate confirmation that your application is received by USCIS.

USCIS forms eligible for e-filing includes the most commonly used forms. USCIS has plans to extend the forms that are available for e-filing. Data submitted to USCIS through e-Filing is used to perform background checks, examinations (review of the information that is being provided by applicants), and adjudications (process by which decisions are made to grant or deny an application).

The list of USCIS forms eligible for e-filing are:

· I-90 – Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card

· I-129 – Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker (Exception: The e-Filing System is not accepting I-129 petitions for H-1B, H-2B and L-1 categories. Form I-129 filings for these categories must be filed in paper.)

· I-131 – Application for Travel Document

· I-140 – Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

· I-539 – Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status

· I-765 – Application for Employment Authorization

· I-821 – Application for Temporary Protected Status (Form I-821 will be available for e-Filing only if a TPS country is designated for re-registration purposes per the Federal Register Notice.)

· I-907 – Request for Premium Processing Service

Note: Though I-765 is one of the USCIS forms eligible for e-filing, the e-Filing system is not accepting I-765 for eligibility categories (c)(3)(A), (c)(3)(B), and (c)(3)(C) currently.

You cannot e-file your application, if you are applying for a fee waiver or requesting to expedite your case (with the exception of Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing). You cannot e-file your application if your form is not specified in the list above.

If you want to file any other application apart from the given list, you can paper file your application with USCIS. Each of the given forms has its own e-filing instructions which guides you to file your application online. Failure to go through these instructions may result in your application being delayed.

Supporting documents is the initial evidence that is required as proof of identification and as justification of eligibility for a benefit. USCIS decides to grant or reject your application based on these documents. Examples of supporting documents include copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, Permanent Resident Cards, drivers license etc.

Check the form specific e-filing instructions to determine what supporting documentation, if any, is required.

Please retain a copy of your application and Confirmation receipt notice for your records. You will be required to submit a copy of your Confirmation receipt notice while you appear at the application support center to have the biometrics captured.

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